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   Building Owners and Managers Association Nashville


Principal Membership & Allied Membership
Building Owner, Property Manager, Asset Manager, Corporate facility manager, Government office building manager, industrial building manager, Medical office building manager and other commercial real estate professionals make up the Principal Memberships.  Any membership entity must designate a Regular Principal representative.
Allied membership will be composed of entities which supply goods or services used in connection with or operation by the commercial office building industry and may be extended to such professionals serving this industry, such as appraisal, architectural, engineering and legal, etc.  Allied companies may have up to two (2) members.  Allied companies that have more than one member will designate one Primary Allied member with the remaining member to be Additional Allied member. Allied members must meet the requirements set forth in the "Allied Requirements" document, annually.

Download a BOMA Principal Membership & Allied Membership Application here.

Engineer Membership
Individuals working full-time as Maintenance Technicians and Maintenance Engineers on commercial real estate properties may apply for membership at a reduced rate of $300 annually. Membership includes participation in BOMA membership meetings and events, in addition to separate Engineer lunch and learn meetings throughout the year.

Download BOMA Engineer Application.

Emerging Professionals
Individuals that meet the criteria for principal membership may participate at a reduced rate of $300 annually if age 35 or under or with less than 5 years of commercial real estate experience. Allied members may not add new employees as emerging professionals. Allied members meeting the age criteria (35 and under) may participate; however, their memberships must remain at the Allied level and not at the emerging professional rate.

Download Emerging Professional Membership Application.

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Read the BOMA Nashville Code of Ethics here ยป